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I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of great brands on projects that have stretched me and grown my skills. Below is a selection of the most recent projects I have completed.


Social Media


This is where my passion for marketing began. I believe the most effective marketing strategies are those that leverage social media to stimulate lead generation, funnel web traffic and serve as a conduit for customer relations. After all, what better place for sharing marketing messages than the place where people spend most of their time?


Here are a few highlights of my social media work:


It’s Supernatural! Social Media Platforms


When I started with Messianic Vision, Inc, the parent organization of It’s Supernatural!, Facebook, their primary social platform, had just over 30,000 “Likes” and was seeing minimal ROI. The organization had no one who was purposefully using the platform with a marketing strategy in mind.


Since then, my social media strategy has built a Facebook fan community of 390,000+ and is growing by the thousands every week. Facebook, combined with It’s Supernatural! Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ pages, pulls in hundreds of thousands of visitors each month, contributing ~12% of overall web traffic to It’s Supernatural! Funneling this traffic into opt-in opportunities like contests, eBooks and more, has helped to grow their email marketing list considerably and generated positive ROI conversions utilizing their e-commerce environment.


In addition to strategy, I am constantly developing content and designing graphics for posts and social ads to engage users across their social platforms.


View the Facebook Page for It’s Supernatural! »


Liberty University School of Communication



While studying for my M.A. in communication at Liberty University I became the Social Media Manager for the university’s Department of Communication. As the social media manager, I designed the department’s entire social media initiative from the ground up and managed a team of interns to provide exciting content for our target market segments.


The social media strategy I designed and implemented during my time as the Social Media Manager continues to this day.


View the Facebook Page for Liberty University School of Communication »


Web and App Development


It has been said that there’s no second chance to make a good first impression. Considering it takes only a few moments for a web visitor to make an assessment of a brand, it is crucial that brand websites are developed with people in mind. To that end, designing and optimizing user experiences for the web is another of my career passions.


Here are a few highlights of my web and app design work:


It’s Supernatural! Website


As an employee of Messianic Vision, Inc., I assisted their It’s Supernatural! brand with a complete website migration and redesign.


Working with a digital marketing/web design contractor, we ensured the website met current web and mobile optimization standards to work efficiently across browsers and devices.


In addition to navigating the CMS transition with It’s Supernatural!, I also worked tirelessly to implement new forms of analytics site wide to ensure traffic flow, conversions and more could be tracked efficiently. This has allowed for insight-driven A/B testing across virtually any page, CTA or experience on the site.


View the It’s Supernatural! Website »


It’s Supernatural! School of Ministry Website


As Messianic Vision, Inc. began to expand the It’s Supernatural! brand, there came a need to design microsites to extend functionality and depth of content for new projects.


I helmed the development and implementation of the It’s Supernatural! brand of microsites, including the most recent extension: It’s Supernatural! School of Ministry.


Utilizing insights I gained as a member of the Interaction Design Foundation, as well as data from A/B testing and UX testing, I developed the It’s Supernatural! School of Ministry website from the ground up.


The testing and convention best practices that led to the design of the site have proven successful. Analytics show an incredible ~1% bounce rate, 10 pages-per-session depth and a 6% e-commerce conversion rate.


View the It’s Supernatural! School of Ministry Website »


It’s Supernatural! iOS/Android App


After completing the redesign of the It’s Supernatural! website, I created the entire UX/UI design for their iOS/Android app.


The app integrates a number of digital media elements including the entire ISN 24/7, HD streaming network, on demand TV and radio episodes of It’s Supernatural!, pathways to the It’s Supernatural! e-commerce environment and social media outreach.


To date, the app has garnered a 5-star overall rating in the Apple App Store and a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play Store from a number of independent consumer reviews and serves content to more than 100,000 users per month.


View the It’s Supernatural! iOS app »
View the It’s Supernatural! Android app »


Paper Heart Photography


Paper Heart Photography, an eastern/regional wedding, engagement and family photographer enlisted my help to overhaul their web presence.


I strategized and helped implement a complete website redesign including a CMS transition, branding overhaul and fresh content development. I also provided hands-on training on the new CMS so they could learn to manage the system efficiently and spend more time doing what they love doing: telling stories through photography.


View the Paper Heart Photography Website »


Digital Marketing


You can have the most engaging social media presence and the greatest looking website but if you don’t have the content or a proper marketing funnel as the foundation, your brand is missing out.


Here is an example of a recent digital marketing project I spearheaded:


It’s Supernatural! eBook Series



As the Digital Marketing Manager at Messianic Vision, Inc., I ascertained there was a demand for more accessible content from the It’s Supernatural! brand. In response, I monitored social conversations around It’s Supernatural! and created a content marketing campaign centered on a series of free eBooks that touched on major content topics for brand target market segments.


The response was incredible. To date, more than 195,000 individuals have downloaded an eBook from the collection I have designed, providing a wealth of leads that have been pulled into an optimized email drip campaign.


Example eBook: View the Fruit of the Spirit eBook Landing Page »